Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey-Day, 2010

An interesting point came up at the Turkey feast today. For most of my life I've dined with the fam, which of course means that I do not drink wine, I do not use bad words, and I remain mostly quiet and polite.

However, since my family has moved away from our used-to-be-home base, I've been celebrating Thanksgiving with a close friend of mine and his wife. I bring pie over, they cook everything else. It's very kind of them.

The additional benefit to this, however, is that we're all opinionated atheists, and as such I can get drunk, swear like no other, and bray on about Socialism. In that sense, everything is actually more SOP, and thereby "filial" in the classic sense where one can expect to "be themselves and not worry about it". Honestly, I can't "be myself and not worry about it" around the family -- I know that it would hurt their feelings, and so I simply abstain. I feel no resentment for this fact, but it's still nice to find a place where you can be worry-free of what you say when you aren't exactly part of the mainstream of popular opinions.

Here's to a great Turkey day. Maybe in the future we'll forgo the turkey. Ya'know, just to make the holiday that much more sacrilegious.

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  1. I am jealous of your Thanksgiving. I spent mine at a hotel buffet staring longingly at the server's large bottle of wine & biting my tongue. I plan on throwing my own bash next year, sans turkey, plus tofu & gin.
    Anyway, congrats & happy Friday-after-Thanksgiving!