Sunday, November 21, 2010

Skepticon III

I just arrived back from Skepticon III to my small abode and I am exhausted. This was three days of skepticism, atheism, science, feminism, gay rights, sexuality, late night conversations, and reference-trading [I love references]. Talk about a fantastic venue. (It's also free due to the work of a lot of cool volunteers that I'd like to thank)

Perhaps my favorite aspect of these events is what seemed to be a large cross-over between the afformentioned groups: Feminism, LGBT rights, and general strong stance against right-wing religious movements. I hope these political trends continue to be introduced. It would be great to unify a sort of left-political force within the United States that aren't as blatantly not-left as the Democratic Party. Though I doubt everyone will agree with my particular politics, I'm tired of two blatantly bourgeois options.

Of those who spoke my favorite to listen to was PZ Myers. I like science things, and I thought his poker game analogy for evolution was a wonderful tool that I'm going to shamelessly steal.

Again, while this may not reach those organizers, thanks

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  1. It has reached me. Glad you had a good time. :)

    JT Eberhard