Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Diagram of Kant's mind

I'm placing this here mostly so that I may share it with others in an online reading group I'm participating in. But, hey, if you like this sort of thing, maybe you'll get a kick out of it. It can be read as a "flow of information" diagram, where the stuff on the right has information flowing in, and hte stuff on the left is information flowing inward as well, but from some high-falutin' seat of rockem'-sockem thought, and the stuff we experience is right in the middle where it says "The Categories, temporalized" -- or the Schema.

EDIT: And it looks like I'll need another diagram for his theory of perception, so I'm putting that here too.


  1. I just started reading Kant _Critique of Pure Reason_, *again*. It occurred to me that a visual model would be helpful -- so I searched Google. Neat model. I'll have to think about it though! :)

  2. Good luck! And if you haven't done so yet, I would recommend reading Critique of Practical Reason and Critique of Judgment first. They help elucidate some points in the CPR, and are worthwhile unto themselves. Plus they're supposed to form the whole of Kant's critical philosophy, so they're meant to work together. I'm in the middle of my 2nd go on the Critique of Judgment at the moment, and its proving to be very rewarding having read the other books twice now. (I recommend getting the Pluhar translation)

  3. Did you make these? Do you know where they came from?

    1. I did indeed make them, using paint. I wanted to share the diagram I had drawn out in my notebook in an online reading group of Kant's critical series.