Monday, April 25, 2011

A quick and unconsidered take on foundationalism

According to on April 25, 2011, there exists in the English language…
Total Words: 171,476

Nouns: 85738

Adjectives: 42869

Suppose the Sentence "'noun' is 'adjective'"

Then for each noun, there are 42869 possible sentences
Given this, there are 85,738 x 42,869 possible sentences of this form, giving some
leeway for creative embellishments, and the fact that we aren't counting verbs
or modifiers or articles etc etc.

This amounts to…




About 3.6 billion sentences of this form

Now compare the number of sentences which we use to describe
the world

This, I believe, gives a strong reason to believe that ….

1) Our perceptions are similar

2) Our world is structured by us

Which implies, in a metaphorical sense, that empiricists and rationalists are both wrong.

THE END! lulz

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