Thursday, June 16, 2011


While I may not have been accepted by any universities for graduate programs, I have been hired on as a quality control chemist right out of college. This is, more or less, a good thing. So far everyone is dorky, which means we get along, and while I've had to read a bajillion and have a Megabajillion more little papers and procedures to read, I'll actually be doing chemistry to support myself. This should include, in the main, wet lab techniques and HPLC. This also means that I'll have the opportunity to really hone my lab skills to perfection, including lab notebook keeping techniques. While I'm good with theory and have an ability to communicate complex ideas, I've always been a little. . . disorganized. Here, that is not an option, and since I like the idea of remaining employed, I'll actually work on that rather than simply say, "I should, but haven't yet"

Also, they have an R&D department in house, so there's opportunity to move into research, eventually. Great news!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Diagram of Kant's mind

I'm placing this here mostly so that I may share it with others in an online reading group I'm participating in. But, hey, if you like this sort of thing, maybe you'll get a kick out of it. It can be read as a "flow of information" diagram, where the stuff on the right has information flowing in, and hte stuff on the left is information flowing inward as well, but from some high-falutin' seat of rockem'-sockem thought, and the stuff we experience is right in the middle where it says "The Categories, temporalized" -- or the Schema.

EDIT: And it looks like I'll need another diagram for his theory of perception, so I'm putting that here too.